It is really quite easy. In the creation of each carving we try to make them sturdy and a bit forgiving so that you can live with them and not feel you have to keep them under glass. By using oil paints and creating our own medium (which contains a varnish) you can freshen them periodically with a damp cloth if the regular dusting brush is not quite enough [this does not have to be done each time].


Items needed:
  *Soft brush -- Art stores carry the white brush, or a blending brush from the make-up dept. works.
*Soft lint-free cloth such as a bandana handkerchief.
*Thin-bladed palette knife [optional - needed with tight areas such as the camellia in the demo photo].

  Dusting process:
  *Hold the area of carving [or the carving itself if it is small] that you will be cleaning and brush in one direction
*As you move about the carving use your free hand to support the area you are working on.

Washing process:
  *Wet half of the cloth and wring out all excess water.
*Supporting areas as above, gently wipe the surface.
*After doing an area use the dry part of the cloth to dry the moisture beads.


This demonstrates the use of the palette knife with the damp cloth.

*See, it really is quite easy!

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