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All the pieces we do on commission are important to us for they are important to the people who entrust us with this mission. They represent a large percent of our work. Being a commission they also represent a gamut of emotions, from a personal passion and respect of the subject matter -- to a love for another when given as a gift -- to a commission to represent appreciation.

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“Spirit of Oklahoma”

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, Redbud Tree,
Mistletoe and Rose Rock

Oklahoma’s’ State Bird, Tree, Flower and Rock

Commissioned by Major General and Mrs. Stephen Cortright to be given to Governor and Mrs. Frank Keating and the People of Oklahoma.

The piece will remain in the permanent collection of the Governors Mansion after the Keatings leave office.

This commission truly touched us---not just because of its importance but because of the passion, pride and respect the Cortrights have for the Keatings, the people and the state of Oklahoma. We were extremely honored to have this entrusted to us.

Upon delivering the piece to the Governors Mansion, in Oklahoma City, and having the photographs taken Mrs. Keating then treated us to a personal tour of the Mansion. We went everywhere! It was very nice of her to rearrange her morning schedule to accommodate this.


Major General Stephen & Barbara Cortright, Governor Frank & Cathy Keating, and Cindy & Mark with the "Spirit of Oklahoma"

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