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Every year the Pacific Rim Wildlife Art Show would commission a piece from an artist to be given to the shows’ “Artist of the Year”. It was always from different sources.

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In 1993 we were called upon to produce the piece for that year's Artist of the Year, and we were delighted to find out the recipient would be Carl Brenders of Belgium. We are great admirers of Carl’s work.

We knew Carl is very concerned with conservation and so we decided to create a vignette of our next piece we would be doing for our “Extinct Species Series” for him. A Carolina Parakeet with Yellow Jessamine.


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In 1994 Bob Farrelly, of PRWAS, called again to have us create a piece for Simon Combes, of England (formerly of Kenya). It was unprecedented that they called upon the same artist twice. We were pleased but in a predicament as to subject matter for we had never met Simon.

Lindsay Scott (another incredible artist) helped us out with the suggestion of a Lilac Breasted Roller, which is native to Kenya where Simon grew up. At this time he was making extensive trips to Kenya. We knew nothing of the roller so we did a field trip to Lindsay and Brian’s in Ventura, CA then to the Santa Barbara Zoo to study the specimen in their aviary.

Due to health issues we were unable to attend the 1994 PRWAS so we missed our opportunity to meet Simon. The summer of 2002 found Simon in southern Oregon at a gallery show. We paraded ourselves in and eight years later we finally met Simon and his Fiancée - we caught him off guard which is fun for us but terribly unpleasant when on the other end!


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  In 1995 we were called upon, again, to do a piece for Bev Doolittle! What to do for Bev became a dilemma. We threw a few ideas back and forth with Bob Farrelly. Then we decided on the Screech Owl. Bevs’ work is fabulous and her subject matter has a spiritual-mystical element to it. Owls have somewhat of the same element in the publics eye so we thought it would be the proper piece for Bev.  

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  1997 we received another call from PRWAS to create a piece for Terry Isaac---another one of our favorites. Bob Farrelly had the idea of somewhat recreating one of Terry’s paintings for him. This sculpture is of a Black-Capped Chickadee and Magnolia.  

It is such an honor to have one of our pieces in Carl, Simon, Bev and Terry’s collections. It was also an honor to be entrusted by the Pacific Rim Wildlife Art Show to create a special piece for these four incredible artists.

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